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Maxis Prepaid Broadband Data Plan

The data plan mentioned here are available for some prepaid and postpaid users to subscribe. Please take note that there might be differences between the package offered to the postpaid users and the prepaid users. This article is meant for some prepaid users reference only. Always be reminded that there are more information about Prepaid Internet packages from wireless Internet Service provider in the following page:

To subscribe:
User should dial *100# and choose the Internet and Settings, and then Prepaid Broadband. The internet package is listed with surfing period, data quota offered and price.

(a). 2 hours 100Mb RM3

(b). 2 days 500MB RM10


(c) 1 Week 2GB RM 25

30 days

(e) Ipad Plan

(i) Entry Plan 3.5GB RM70
(ii) Super Plan 6.0GB RM90
(iii) Premium Plan 15GB RM200

One of the reason i like Maxis when using their prepaid internet services is that they would notify the prepaid internet user that subscribe through their easy menu in 3 essential situation with SMS NOTIFICATION:

1. When the prepaid internet service STARTS by sending a confirmation sms.

2. When the user is approaching the limit of the quota promised.

3. When the user have breached the quota and the prepaid internet services is terminated.

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